All-access Monthly Membership

It is my mission to make yoga as accessible as I can to everyone. 

That includes breaking down harder asanas so that they become easier to digest (hello courses!) but also making it financially accessible to my students.

With that in mind I created my all-access monthly membership. It is a convenient and inexpensive bundle of all my courses plus I added my yoga flow library as an added bonus (which sells separately for 12$ a month).


Because even though the courses are worth every penny, I understand that putting down 44$ in one go can be quite a big sum, especially for the students among us. And so to bridge that gap, I am now offering a low-cost monthly membership. 

What is included in this irresistible bundle?

Access to all current and future courses, which means you won’t have to buy them individually, and you can save up for that trip to Bali you’ve been planning or was it Hawaii? 😉

  • Early access to any of the courses I will develop in the future. 

  • Unlimited replay access (unless you cancel the subscription, then your access will be cancelled too).

Fly Effortlessly into Headstand
The Bendy Body ~ Wheel Pose Course

The Bendy Body ~ Master the Splits
Fly Effortlessly into Forearm stand
Journey to the Heart: Re-discovering your Self-Love (8-week program)

Access to the yoga flow library where I upload a full length (50min+) yoga class each week. The videos are downloadable to your device which means you can take me with you on vacation and not be reliant on wifi. 🙌🏼 Find more information about the Yoga Flow Library here.


The price to join is 18 USD per month, which equals around 13£ or 16€. That’s around the drop-in fee for 1 single class at a yoga studio but instead you’ll get 6 monthly classes (in the Yoga Flow Library) plus access to all the existing courses! ;)


If your heart and intuition say yes to all of the above, here’s how you get in:

  1. Click on the ‘log in/sign up’ tab at the right bottom corner of my website.

  2. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by clicking ‘sign up’. If you already have an account just type in your log-in details.

  3. Once you have entered your details, click on the drop down menu and select ‘all-access membership’.

  4. Choose your preferred payment type and fill in your card details (your card details are secured by Stripe)

  5. Voilà, you are in!

PS: If you don’t own a credit card but would like to pay with PayPal instead, click on the below subscribe button. The platform I am currently using does not connect to PayPal but we can do the transaction separately and I’ll make you a custom code to get in.

ATTENTION! Only use the Paypal ‘Subscribe’ button if you don’t have a credit card and can’t get access to the All-Access Membership through the main portal (the sign in/log in button in the right bottom corner of the screen). I have to manually make a custom code for you to get in when using the PayPal subscribe option, so please kindly allow up to 24-48hr for me to send you the access code through e-mail. :)