You are what you eat.

Or even better; 

You are how you eat.

It is true that a healthy lifestyle will allow you to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. 
But you can have the healthiest diet in the world and still feel shitty.

I used to be very dogmatic about what entered my mouth. I had strict rules on quantity and quality. All in the name of health and longevity, right? I started to fear going to social events because they wouldn't have 'my food'. If I did end up eating something that didn't meet my standards, I would feel guilty and just downright shitty in the act. 

Health and well-being are more than just diet and exercise. I think the secret lies in the way we consume (not only food, but life in general for that matter).

I used to consume with a general sense of fear and guilt. I had categorized my food, so whenever I would eat something 'not so healthy', I would feel guilty doing so. I didn't even enjoy the moment, there was a general sense of unease before, during and after.

Now where is the fun in that?

I can assure you that the stress you create by eating that food, does more damage than the actual food itself. For those who don't know; I have a gluten and lactose intolerance, but whenever I eat those substances in a state of relaxation I have little to no reaction to it. If I decide to eat that same piece of bread a week later when I am emotionally frazzled and under the pressure of an approaching deadline, I can promise you it will get ugly. For the longest time I couldn't make any sense of it.

So I started experimenting.

And yes, whenever I was fully present in the moment and enjoying the food experience, my body didn't rebel. No belly ache, no headache, nothing. 

So I started applying the same principle to my other meals. 

Let me tell you, a whole new world opens up. When is the last time you really tasted an apple. I mean really savored every bite of it? Swished it around in your mouth, noticing the texture, the sensation? Life becomes so much more of a joy, once you start treating everything like a miracle again. 

So my advice to you: indulge in life and don't feel bad doing so. The way you consume has a much bigger impact on your well-being than the actual food itself. 

That doesn't mean you should have cake for breakfast every day of the week that ends on -day ...

Balance, my friend.