To me there's nothing more attractive than someone who's unapologetically themselves. Someone who's completely comfortable with who they are. There's beauty in vulnerability. I like people who wear their heart on their sleeve. People that despite the hurt keep their heart soft. It's easy to build walls, but to me it's cowardice. There's nothing more courageous than showing your true self knowing the risk of disapproval or ridicule. 

Growing up I would do anything for people to like me. I thought my sheer existence was about approval. But most of all I just wanted to blend in. Not make too much noise, or attract too much attention. I didn't want to make others feel uncomfortable. I became vanilla ice cream. Everybody kinda likes it, but no one gets really exited about it. Maybe part of growing up is realizing that you aren't born vanilla; that your life is not about pleasing others. 

My resolution for 2014 was to be more authentic. And let me tell you it's scary as shit. I don't know why I attach so much worth to the opinion of others. Part of it is realizing that life is not so serious. Plus most of what people will say about you is a projection of their own internal battles. Therefor there's no way you can take other people's opinion of you personally. 

I believe that by being yourself, you give others permission to be themselves as well. You create space for individuality and creative expression. There's nothing as attractive as someone who shows authentic emotions and owns them completely. It's something I strive for daily, but haven't mastered completely yet. 

Baby steps.