Ever since moving to London, I have felt a shift in my energy.

For the first time in 5 years I have no commitments, no responsibilities. I decided to take a few months off from teaching yoga classes to allow myself to re-focus and digest all the changes that have happened over the last two years. It was long awaited and very needed. I have slowed down my pace of living and allowed more spontaneity into my life. And this elixir of changes has guided a shift in my inner energy. I feel re-born, re-connected with a younger version of myself. If I’d had to guess she’s probably five years old. She tells me exactly what she needs. A few weeks ago she urged me to pick up the pencil and start drawing again. Something I used to love as a kid. As the adults were sharing their boring words on boring adult subjects, I was lost in my world of imagination. Drawing, and colouring. Time lost it’s grip on me from the moment my pencil touched the blank paper. And like with everything in life, you grow up. Your priorities shift in accordance with what is expected of you. And I slowly lost interest in my fantasy world and my coloured pencils. I lost connection with my creativity. 

As I slow down and start honing in to my true self again, my old passions return to me; dancing, drawing, painting, singing, running around in the rain not worrying about my clothes getting dirty beyond repair. It feels as if I have been breathed back to live. I can feel life coursing through me. The mornings are no longer dreaded, they are welcomed and cherished for they bring a new 24 hours of exploring my internal and external world. 

I hope you realise, reading this, that I am no exception. We were all born this way. We were born with an excitement for life. An innocent curiosity for the world around us. We were born with an innate confidence in our abilities. And the more I explore myself, the more I realise we were all born to feel this way. I want to share with you how to re-connect. How to breathe yourself back to live. This blog post is only the start of the many topics I’d like to talk about. So let’s talk creativity. How do you hone it? How do you activate it?

Obviously the below tips are derived from personal experience. Take from it what serves you and don’t be shy to post your own experiences and tips in the comments below. I love learning from other people’s habits and routines. Ok, now back to what I was talking about. 

Creativity for me shows it’s presence from the moment my walls come down. I feel these surges of creativity when I feel strong emotions, or I should say when I ALLOW myself to feel my strong emotions. Pain, sorrow, love, infatuation, joy, discomfort, arousal, bliss, anger, regret. Strong emotions are the fertile ground for creativity to sprout from. This insight has brought my experience of emotions into a new light. Emotions are no longer something to cope with, but a tool to be used for expression. Emotions are the colour of energy that is being manifested into my paintings or writing. They allow me to tap into my creativity. I believe we all have access to this. You just have to find your way of funnelling those emotions into the material world. I prefer writing and drawing/painting. But yours might be singing, dancing, … really anything. 

So here is a little exercise you can do to tap into your innate creativity.

Next time you feel any heightened emotions, take your piece of paper or put on your favourite song and dance/write/draw away. Do not judge what comes out from this process. Don’t worry about form. Creativity is not about the result, it’s about the feeling you experience while you are performing. Allow yourself to get lost into this feeling. Get into the habit of this and you will no longer have to ‘cope’ with emotions. Emotions will no longer be seen as things to get rid of or dealt with. They will be welcomed and cherished for the transformation they bring with them. 

Once you are able to do this whenever you feel heightened emotions, you can now take the next step by not being depended on when the emotions decide to show up. This next step takes a bit more daily dedication. 

Each morning sit in meditation for 15-20 minutes. While you sit with your eyes gently closed, allow your thoughts to filter through your consciousness. Imagine your thoughts are merely a film being projected onto the mind. Watch them come and go. You are the observer of your thoughts. If you notice getting carried away in a particular thought, gently pull yourself back out to your ‘observer seat’. Keep observing without interfering and you’ll notice that with time and practice your thoughts will become fewer. And in those pauses between thoughts you’ll find a blissful silence. This blissful silence is the portal to your creative juices. This blissful silence feels like coming home. It has felt so good that it has lead me to cry a few times during meditation. It felt like the universe finally being able to strike up a conversation with me again, without the interference or static noise of my thoughts. These are the moments when my best ideas ‘magically’ pop up out of the thin air of my mind. 

So for the next 21 days, give yourself the gift of 15-20 minutes of meditation a day. Notice how it shifts your mood,mind, creativity, and in turn your whole reality. 

Much love,