I am a nerd. Big time. There I said it. 

But here's why: I like to read nutrition textbooks in my free time. While I was studying for my finals I read something that gave me one of those 'Duhh' moments. I have been following a way of eating that intuitively made sense to me (my diet is very high in raw foods, especially during the summertime), and reading this passage confirmed my intuitio

Our bodies produce 25 per cent of the enzymes we need for digestion; the other 75 per cent is expected to come from our diet in the form of natural, raw, unprocessed sources of fruit, vegetable grains, nuts and seeds. Many people have difficulty eating five portions of fruit and vegetables each day and the body quickly becomes deficient, which overtaxes its ability to break down food ready for absorption. This often results in indigestion, heartburn and fatigue. By eating raw, or lightly cooked vegetables and fruit you are providing natural enzymes to assist in breaking down all the food eaten at one meal, at the same time providing essential nutrients (coenzymes) to activate other metabolic enzymes to keep the body working efficiently. These natural enzymes cannot be stored in the body, so fresh vegetables and fruit should be eaten with every meal, every day. - Le Quesne, S.

Did you read that?! Only 25% of the enzymes we need DAILY, can we produce ourselves. The other 75% we have to supply through our diet. This means that we have to eat raw fruits and veggies not only every day but with every meal, if you want to be able to absorb all the nutrients it provides. Heating the veggies over 48°C will destroy the enzymes. 

So what can you do?

  • Eat a piece of fruit before each meal. All fruits are high in enzymes but pineapple is known to be extra abundant in amylase, an enzyme that helps with the digestion of sugars, and protease, which is responsible for the digestion of proteins. You want to eat fruit before your meal as fruit digests quick, eat it after your meal and you'll be left feeling bloated. Ain't nobody want that. 

  • Have a raw side salad for lunch and dinner. Get creative with your salads! Salads do not have to be boring. It's all about the dressing (maybe a raw dressing? *wink*) and how you cut the veggies. You could do a raw/cooked fusion salad that incorporates both raw and cooked foods. For some inspo check my 'Foodie Diaries: What I eat in a day' video's *double wink*.

  • Start swapping some meals with smoothies. I have a couple of smoothie recipes on my blog (check under the tab recipes). If you are lazy like me, then babe, I got you. Smoothies are *extremely* easy to make and can be super filling and satisfying. Plus you can take them anywhere with you in a mason jar. 

  • Feeling adventurous? Try eating fully raw for a couple of days and notice the difference in how you body feels! I recommend you try these kind of adventures in the summertime when it is nice and hot out and your body naturally craves refreshing, cooling, raw foods. 

Please comment down below how you like to add in some delicious raw food into your life. Maybe you have some amazing recipes or ideas? Sharing is caring ;) 

If you miss seeing my face, here's a video of me talking about the importance of RAW food in your diet. It's basically saying the exact same I just wrote above, but you know, you have those days when you are extra lazy and even reading seems too big of a shore, so this girl made a video for you. Ya welcome ;)