advanced yoga poses don’t have to be hard

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Fly effortlessly into headstand

the ultimate guide to mastering headstand in only 4 week.


Tackling intermediate poses like headstand is very exciting, but equally daunting. How do you make sure you don’t hurt your neck? And why in the world do my legs feel so heavy that I can’t lift them off the floor? How do I even breathe once I am upside down because the sheer motion of breathing seems to brings me out balance? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Should I just not breathe at all? (spoiler alert: please don’t stop breathing haha).

There is a way to make the journey to getting upside down a lot easier and faster, so that you can fly into headstand gracefully in a matter of weeks.

The course I created delves into the mechanics of headstand and the key components needed to have a stable and effortless headstand. I have distilled years of experience as a practitioner and teacher in a simple course that lays it all out for you.

This online course teaches you exactly how I achieved this through fun and easy to understand videos on the most important topics.

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The Bendy Body ~ Wheel Pose

the ultimate guide to mastering wheel pose in only 4 weeks


If you know me - or have been following me on social media for a while - you know that I am not naturally flexible. I remember as a kid not even being able to touch my toes. 
My first try at wheel pose left me a bit puzzled - this is supposed to feel good? 🙉 I remember feeling a dull pain in low back and my shoulders were shaking as I tried to keep my upper body lifted.

Over the years, as I got deeper down the yoga hole, I learned some tricks that helped me get to where I am now: absolutely in love with Wheel. I now finally feel what other yogis told me about that amazing ‘heart opening’-feeling you get from it. I no longer feel that compressive feeling in my low back and my shoulders are actually able to keep me up 🙌🏼

In this 4-week course I will teach you ALL my tricks on how to make your wheel feel yummy and delicious.