the Plantbased Starter Kit

the Plantbased Starter Kit


I wrote this e-book with the intention to help those who are first transitioning to a plant based lifestyle.  In this gem of an e-book I share with you all the tips I have acquired over the years on how to make life easy as a vegan. This is what you can expect when buying this e-book:​​

  • 80 pages

  • 39 nourishing recipes

  • covering breakfast, mains and condiments

  • all recipes are based on whole foods ingredients

  • low salt and no-oil + no processed ingredients

  • learn how to make your own mylks, sauerkraut, hummus and coconut yoghurt

  • a 5 day meal plan

  • a shopping list

  • my tips on going plantbased

  • budgeting tips

  • how to deal with unsupportive friends or family members

  • how to stay plantbased in a social setting

  • how to eat intuitively

  • how to beat emotional eating

  • these tips and recipes will help you get into the best shape of your life both mentally (through building a healthy relationship with food) and physically (through truly nourishing your body and giving it the vital nutrients to thrive)

  • a WHOLE LOT of aesthetically pleasing pictures ;) 

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