get Bendy [Lower body]


Hello yogi ✨

Welcome to your Get BENDY {lower body} work-out plan! This program is perfect if you are looking to increase your hip and leg flexibility. It’s a 1-month plan that will give you guidance as to which classes to do when to maximise your results.

Once you have downloaded the work-out plan, you’ll see that there is a combination of purely hip/leg focussed classes and a few full-body flexibility classes. That is because our body works as one big system and we should approach flexibility in that way as well. I have noticed that whenever I reach a plateau with my leg flexibility, if I work on spinal flexibility for a week and then come back to my leg/hip practice, I am able to move further again. Sometimes tightness in certain parts of the body will affect muscles further down the body. So for this reason I decided to throw in a few full-body classes as well.

You’ll also noticed that a few classes re-apprear through-out the month. I choose to do this because it’ll give you the opportunity to see any changes in your body compared to when you followed the class the first time around. Sometimes you’ll be able to see big changes, and other times the changes will be small and nuanced such as feeling more comfortable in a pose. Both are worthy of being celebrated ;)

To get started, download the work-out plan below (click on the button below the photo of the plan). I have linked the classes in the pdf itself, but in case your computer has trouble opening the links, here they are again: