Get LEAN [Month 1]


Hello yogi!

Welcome to your first month of the Get LEAN workout-out plan! This program is perfect if you are looking to lose weight and get into better shape in general.


Your work-out plan will consist of two different types of classes: (1) intense classes that will help you build up a sweat and (2) classes that will help you get back in touch with your body and emotions. When it comes to losing weight I believe it is very important to also address the mental aspect of it, and find better coping tools than resorting to food to make us feel better. So I am hoping that the addition of the softer classes will help you feel better mentally and emotionally during the process.

Intention setting

In week 1, we’ll go through YFL #22 called ‘I am…’ . This class was initially designed to help you set intentions for the new year but really, you could use this anytime of the year. I want you to come up with an intention for the coming month. This can be a word or a sentence that you want to focus on. I invite you to set an intention around how you want to approach this month rather as to what you want the results to be. Losing weight is a result of achieving a goal not a goal in itself. So if you focus on feeling stronger, or re-connecting with your body, those goals in itself will create weight-loss as a natural side-effect. You want to create an intention that makes you feel good, rather than making you feel like you are depriving yourself or punishing yourself. Feel free to print out the work-out schedule and write your intention on it, so that you will be reminded of it whenever you walk past it.


Note: the schedule is made with a level 1-2 yogi in mind. So if you are super fresh to yoga, I encourage you to go through the ‘Newbie to Yogi’ program first, to get the basics down. ✨

The links to the classes are added to the PDF file, but in case they don’t work on your computer, here they are again: