get strong [lower body]


Hello yogi,

Welcome to your Get Strong {lower body} work-out plan! This schedule is perfect if you are looking to increase your leg and hip strength. Please read through the information down below before downloading the work-out plan at the bottom of the page. ✨


I have spread the classes over a 1-month period with each 2 days in between. I encourage you on the days in between to rest or if you do want to move your body, to focus on a different body part than your lower body. The rest days are just as important as the days of the classes! To grow stronger muscles you have to allow them to re-build.


Note: the schedule is made with a level 1-2 yogi in mind. So if you are super fresh to yoga, I encourage you to go through the ‘Newbie to Yogi’ program first, to get the basics down. ✨

You’ll also noticed that a few classes re-apprear through-out the month. I chose to do this because it’ll give you the opportunity to see any changes in your body compared to when you followed the class the first time around. Sometimes you’ll be able to see big changes, and other times the changes will be small and nuanced such as feeling more comfortable in a pose. Both are worthy of being celebrated ;)

I also decided to sprinkle a few full-body classes in between the purely lower body-based classes. Why? Because these classes still have the lower body element to it, but to a lesser degree than the pure ‘lower body-based’ classes. This gives your legs and hips sort of a break while still keeping them moving.

The links to the classes are added to the PDF file (click the button below to download), but in case they don’t work on your computer, here they are again: