1. Alignment of the Upper Body (Your Foundation)

Hello beautiful yogi,

Welcome to the very first video in the foundations chapter. Today we'll take a look at alignment of the upper body.

Our base in headstand consists of three parts: our forearms (we have two of them) and the crown of our head. These three points form our connection to the ground and is essentially the part of the body we'll be balancing on.

Apart from our forearms and head, our shoulders and core also form part of our foundation. You can view them as the walls of a house, which are built on the foundation (forearms + head). Engagement of these muscle groups will keep us within the walls of balance (making sure we don't lean too much forward or back).

If you have any more questions after watching this part one of the foundations. Feel free to leave it as a comment down below. 

Also feel free to share the one thing that you learned from this video that you didn't know yet in the comments.

Download the hand-out for this lecture for future reference or to take notes in.

Pillar 1Silke Dewulf