2. Alignment of the Lower Body

Welcome beautiful yogi,

In this video we'll explore the proper alignment of the lower body in Headstand. The importance of alignment of the upper body is quite self-explanatory, in a sense that this is the part we are balancing on and to find balance, we better align it well.

However we must not forget about the lower body! Once you have a stable and well-aligned base, you want to make sure that the legs and hips are stacked neatly so that balance becomes even easier to find. This will also ensure that you keep your body safe and prevent unnecessary compression in the neck or head.

In this video we'll cover the alignment for:

  • the hips (engagement of the glutes)

  • the legs (engagement of the hamstring and inner thighs)

  • and feet

Make sure to also download the hand-out for this class, in case you want to use it to follow along or as a way of revision later on.

As always, if something isn't fully clear feel free to leave a comment in the comment section. Or have a look through the comment section to see if maybe your question has already been answered by someone else. ✨

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For you yogi's who have a hard time figuring out how to engage your hamstrings in headstand, here is a little exercise that will help you:

Stand up straight on both feet. Now bend your right knee back and bring your right heel towards your right hip. The muscle you are using right now to make this motion, is your hamstring. It is a group of muscles that sit at the back of your upper thigh.

Next time you are in headstand imagine that you are trying to bring your heels towards your hips without actually moving the legs. This will help you turn on the hamstrings. 💪🏼

Download the hand-out for this class for future reference or to take notes in. 

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