Level Up ~ Crow Pose


Hello yogi ✨

Welcome to your ‘Level UP ~ Crow Pose’ work-out plan! This plan is for all the yogis who are working on their crow pose and want a little bit more guidance as to which classes to follow and how often.

Even though crow pose is an arm-balancing pose, it requires much more than mere shoulder/arm strength. You also need a strong core to create a sense of lightness in the pose (+to make sure you don’t end up bruising your upper arms with your knees!). And you also need a bit of hamstring strength to pull your heels to your hips once in the air (which will aid as well in creating a sense of lightness and ease in the pose).

For this reason you will also see core and leg classes on your plan. We want to make sure that all parts of the body are strong and activated as we lean forward into crow pose. Also the plan starts off with class YFL #25 and ends with it as well, to give you an opportunity to see how much you may have progressed over the weeks.

Below I’ll list which classes are part of your work-out plan and which parts of the body they work. (The work-out plan has all these links built into the schedule as well, but I’ll just add them below again just in case they links in the PDF don’t work on your computer.)

core strength

leg strength

upper body strength

crow classes