Private Yoga classes

Silke has been an exceptional teacher for me as I started out with little experience of yoga. She is kind, creates a wonderful practice, provides excellent 1:1 attention on how to tweak your postures and went above and beyond to write out a flow plan for me even when I was travelling. Her lessons are both wonderfully calming and strenuous! Highly recommend her to anyone.
— Maneesha Silva

The most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is seeing my students transform through their practice. 

I love teaching group classes for the dynamic it gives and the many lives you can touch at once. But I also realise that there's nothing more juicy than a one-on-one private yoga class. It is so amazing because it allows me to delve even deeper into the practice with my clients. 

There are so many reasons why people might benefit from private classes, here are just a few:

  • More one-on-one guidance. I don't have to divide my attention over a whole group, in a private class I can really help you get deeper into the practice, by helping you align your body into these poses. I believe in working  with someone's body, not against it. I don't believe in striving to create shapes. In these private classes we work with your body and the possible 'limitations' it might have. 

  • Working towards a goal. Whether it is to tone up, get stronger or work towards a challenging pose. In a private setting we get to create the space to help you transform your body and practice. The practice will be adapted to your goals and expectations. And since these classes will be tailored more to your needs, it will create the fertile ground for you to progress faster. 

  • Prepping for a yoga teacher training. If you are wanting to attend your own yoga teacher training soon and want to prep as much as you can beforehand, I can help you with that. These are some of the most fun classes to teach in my opinion. I get to not only, help you deepen your practice even more, but also give you my juicy tips on teaching. There is nothing more gratifying to me than passing on the knowledge I have obtained so far, and helping other yogi's reach for their dreams. 

If you are living in the Brighton-Hove (UK) area and are interested in taking a private class with me, feel free to contact me through the contact form on my website.


If you don't live in the Brighton-Hove (UK) area but still want a private class, I now offer Skype Classes. These classes will be taught through Skype and have the benefit that you could even 'take me with you' while on holiday (so to speak πŸ˜‰).

For more information or to book a session, contact me here




60 minute classes (whether one-to-one or via Skype)

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75-minute classes (whether one-to-one or via Skype)

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I have been working with Silke for 3 weeks now and she is an absolutely amazing yoga teacher! I have gained so much more confidence in my practice. Would highly recommend if you live in London.
— Sanne Storm
One class with the always smiling Silke is for me worth a dozen group classes! The progress I made in just one time is amazing.... She helped me work through questions and insecurities I had with regards to some of the asanas, and as I am relatively new in yoga I had a lot of these :). In my practice, I can now focus on my flow knowing where I should pay attention to and what adjustments I should make, even if the teacher in front of the class does not correct me.
I felt so energized and motivated after spending a 75 minutes class with Silke, she is such a great yoga teacher and person. I can’t wait for my next private class
— Sarah Kusters
What I love most about my classes with Silke is the combination of laughter and a great class.
The relaxed atmosphere creates a stimulating environment bringing you at ease straight away. Silke has a great attention to detail enabling to gain a deeper knowledge and experience of your practice.
— Eurydice Van Durme
I took the (group) yoga lessons with Silke for a longer period and it soon became the thing to look forward to every week on Thursday evenings. Her lessons helped me find inner peace. I really enjoyed the style of teaching from Silke, with a lot of passion and dedication. I am a restless person by nature and she managed to help me feel reborn after every class. I felt reborn and stronger, both physically stronger and mentally stronger.
In her classes Silke took the needs of the participants to heart. Her classes were shaped by the needs and wants of the participants. Because of the relaxed feeling and atmosphere Silke created for me personally, I asked for private classes, in preparation to a yoga teacher training I wanted to take. In these lessons she also took into account the requests I had for my private study motivation. In the classes Silke also emphasised the correct positions and flows for all the studied yoga poses.
I mainly have Silke to thank for my knowledge, my technique and my passion for yoga.
— Yannic Ullens