O N E . Meet your internal judge // understanding her and why she is keeping you safe

We all have a name for her. Our inner critic, the inner mean girl, …

It’s that part of ourselves that seems to be in a constant fight against ourselves, that seems to be never satisfied. It’s that part of us that makes us feel like we’ll never be good enough. 

I used to hate her. She always made me feel like I was the biggest loser in the whole world. She made me feel so self-conscious when talking with people, or crossing the playground at school. She told me everyone was looking at me and thinking mean things. She told me people would never love me for who I really am.

But as I started my spiritual journey at the age of 19, I came to understand her existence. I came to understand that in fact I had created her at a very young age to keep me from external harm.

In this segment we’ll travel back into our memories to understand why we carry her with us. And why she is so deeply misunderstood. 

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  1. How was your relationship with your mom and your dad? If you were to give them a temperature rating from warm to ice cold, what would they score and why?

  2. How was the overall energy in your family environment? Did you feel supported, heard, seen, appreciated and loved? 

  3. Was there anyone in your family that ever made you feel bad for being yourself? Or, were there any parts of yourself that were not accepted or tolerated in your family?

  4. Did you ever experience any bullying from the age of 0-14 years? What parts of your personality or your body were made fun off?

Journalling Questions

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