Self-love Guidance

My first counseling session with Silke was better than I could expect, she really has a way of touching and clarifying what is going on in your mind. She has a high sensitivity which makes it supper easy to connect with her, just like we have known each other for a long time.
— A. F.
I´ve been living in Brighton for eight weeks as part of an internship. I am from Austria, so it was the first time away from my family/being on my own for this long. All in all I felt a bit lost and started to struggle with bingeing. Silke’s youtube videos helped me a lot, so I decided to ask her about a coaching session and it was the best desicion. Silke is very sensitive and self-experienced. Instantly I felt comfortable to open up to her and she explained everything so that I would understand, let me take my own time to express my feelings and really understood. I felt so much better after our meeting and would love to repeat them on a regular basis, especially as she already has helped me to understand my patterns/get to kow myself!
— A. K.

Hello my love 🦋

I know what it feels like to feel like your voice doesn't matter. I know what it feels like to constantly doubt yourself and your worth. I know what it feels like to want to shrink so that no one will see you.

For years during my teenage years I wanted nothing more but to fade into the background. Become part of the walls so that no one would notice me. I was terrified of being judged for who I truly was deep down. So I talked as little as possible and if I did talk I was always gauging as to what the other person expected me to say. I didn't have the guts to say what I truly felt deep down.

During high school, I found myself scrolling through Tumblr until late at night, admiring other people's life and how perfectly happy they seemed. I was in a constant state of comparison. And my life felt like a lost cause compared to theirs.

As the years flew by and I got more into spirituality, I started peeling the masks I had carefully crafted. I started un-earthing my inner worth and love. This was a process that took me about 7 years. And even though it was a lengthy process, I wouldn't take it back for the life of me. Because through it I truly started to understand my worth and my value. I started appreciating the quirks I once loathed. I finally felt like ME again. And I felt safe once again to explore my inner truths. 

This process inspired me to write 'the Mini Bible to Self-love' which you can download for free here. It's been over a year now since I wrote that book, and my heart has been yearning to help people on a more one-to-one basis. 

What you can expect from these self-love sessions:

  • we'll have a one hour loving Skype chat about you and where you are at in your journey

  • loving and compassionate ear to talk to

  • I will help you dive deeper into what is blocking you from tapping into your inner knowing and innate self-love

  • I will give you weekly intentions to help you hone into the process of self-love

  • even a one-hour session can already help you release tremendous emotional blocks and launch you in the right direction

I believe we are all powerful beings that have forgotten our divinity. We create our reality with every thought and action. Besides the immense self-love I feel it has also allowed me to attract people into my life that reflect that love back. Your energy is like a vortex that will attract like minded beings. And so to better your life and surroundings, you have to delve into your inner world and start there. 

TOpics we can delve into (not limited):

  • a lack of self-love

  • fear of talking in groups

  • social anxiety

  • body dysmorphia

  • mental aspects of healing from an eating disorder

  • life path changes

  • learning to trust your intuition

  • connecting with your inner divinity

  • sacred female energy


  • single session: £25/hour

  • 5 sessions: £111 for 5 one-hour sessions (= £22.2/session)


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