I loved the course and the content so much💗 the course was so thorough and catered to whatever specific issues you may have in different parts of your body while in wheel pose. I typically have pain in my lower back from wheel and tend to avoid the pose during my personal practice. So I followed the flow plan for lower back pain.
Silke explains proper alignment and tips for getting into wheel pose in ways I have never heard before. Her calm and lovely presence make it a joy to flow along with her. Using this flow plan has also helped open/strengthen my shoulders for my #handstand practice. So thankful to have been able to participate in this course that I will continue to return to. Anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and practice of wheel pose will love this course💗
— tiny_yoga_company, small business owner & mom
This course is the most complete course I ever purchased! It has a great part about the anatomy of the wheel pose, where you start to understand what happens to your body while back bending. It shows you possible areas of compression and if we resonate with some of those, Silke gives us awesome flows to open up the body!! In the end, you end up feeling so much more opened and truly bendy! This is such a rich course full of detailed info and effective flows!
— Sara Hu, Physiotherapist



If you know me - or have been following me on social media for a while - you know that I am not naturally flexible. I remember as a kid not even being able to touch my toes. 

My first try at wheel pose left me a bit puzzled - this is supposed to feel good? 🙉 I remember feeling a dull pain in low back and my shoulders were shaking as I tried to keep my upper body lifted.

Over the years, as I got deeper down the yoga hole, I learned some tricks that helped me get to where I am now: absolutely in love with Wheel. I now finally feel what other yogis told me about that amazing ‘heart opening’-feeling you get from it. I no longer feel that compressive feeling in my low back and my shoulders are actually able to keep me up 🙌🏼

In this 4-week course I will teach you ALL my tricks on how to make your wheel feel yummy and delicious.



The course consists of three main modules:

  1. THE FOUNDATIONS: we’ll go into the nitty gritty of how to press into wheel pose and how to align our body so that wheel feels good 

    1. The different ways of getting into wheel

    2. From floor to Wheel: finding yummy alignment

    3. The key components to making wheel easy

    4. Let’s test it!

  2. TROUBLE SHOOTING: this module is all about possible issues you might have with wheel. In this module you’ll also find your customised 4-week Flow Plan. 
    We’ll cover:

    1. Why does the body compensate? (Get ready for me to geek out)

    2. A quick anatomy of the spine

    3. Compression: middle back

    4. Compression: low back

    5. Compression: sacrum

    6. Compression: wrists

  3. BENDY BODY YOGA FLOWS: which will help you press into wheel with ease:

    1. Wrist warm-up (11:41)

    2. Open heart Flow (38:28)

    3. Strong Shoulders flow (25:11)

    4. Quickie Core Flow (21:35)

    5. Happy Hip Flexors (28:40)



  • Feeling much more flexible in your spine

  • Being able to hold wheel without any pain

  • Understanding the correct alignment and feeling confident in your wheel

  • Understanding the anatomy behind why our body creates compression (that dull pain you feel in your low back or wrists) ~ get ready to nerd out over anatomy and the wonders of the human body

  • 4-week ‘Flow Plan’ (I prefer this over ‘work-out’ schedule 😉) that has been customised to your body's needs.



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Want a peak inside the course?

Watch the intro/navigation video to the course to get an idea of what you can expect.