The Yoga Flow Library


*The YFL is currently on hiatus while I recover from CFS*

I created this online library of yoga classes out of a desire to make yoga more accessible for everyone. The first few years of my yoga journey have been spent following online (youtube) classes because I couldn’t sum up the confidence to walk into a yoga studio and didn’t have the money to pay for the memberships they provided. Years later I realised there was nothing to fear about studio classes but I was so grateful to have had access to these online classes because they allowed to me grow in my yoga practice and build up my confidence.

Now that I am a teacher myself, I want to create an online platform for those who currently don’t have the money to go to studio classes or don’t feel mentally ready yet. Or maybe you just love to supplement your studio classes with at home-practices, that’s cool too!

Keep reading to find out about all the goodies that await you on the inside:


The classes

When signing up to the YFL you get access to 40+ studio-style yoga classes. Classes are open to both beginners and intermediate. I upload a full-length class (45min+) each Monday and after the demand came from the YFL tribe I have decided to release an additional ‘shortie’ class (20-40min) every other Thursday! So that means you get 6 classes per month.

Also each class is downloadable, which means you can take me with you to the most remote places of the world and still practice yoga.

the work-out plans

To help you succeed in your yoga goals, I have decided to create monthly work-out plans. This will also help you weave through the existing yoga classes to figure out which one fits your needs best. Take a look at the ‘insider peek’ video below to see what the work-out plans look like.

the Facebook tribe

I have also created a Private Facebook Group where we can connect and share. It is my dreams that this project turns into a community where like minded people can connect and become friends.

I guess you can see this community as an online yoga studio; you go there to take yoga classes but you always end up making friends and meeting interesting people. I have had some of the most interesting and deep conversations with people I barely knew after a yoga class. So I hope with all my heart this project will turn into a beautiful meeting place as well.

NEW! Starting from April I will also be hosting 7-day yoga challenges in the YFL tribe Facebook group!


Take a peek inside the Yoga Flow Library:


What you will receive once you have decided to join us:

  • Access to 40+ studio-style yoga classes

  • New weekly yoga classes: a new full-length (45 min+) class each Monday, and a ‘shortie’ (20-45min) class every other Thursday. That means 6 new classes per month!

  • Classes are open to beginners and intermediate

  • All videos are downloadable, which means you can take me with you on vacation to the rare parts that don't have any wifi signal

  • Access to our work-out plans which help you plan your classes for the month ahead and help you reach your yoga goals

  • Access to our tribe (Facebook community) of beautiful souls

  • Access to our 7-day Yoga Challenges (starting from April 2019)

The price to join is 12 USD per month, which equals around 9£ or 10€. That’s less than a drop-in fee for 1 single class at a yoga studio and you get 6 monthly classes instead of one studio class ;)



  1. Click on the ‘log in/sign up’ tab at the right bottom corner of my website.

  2. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by clicking ‘sign up’. If you already have an account just type in your log-in details.

  3. Once you have entered your details, click on the drop down menu and select ‘the Yoga Flow Library Membership’.

  4. Choose your preferred payment type and fill in your card details (your credit card details are secured by Stripe).

  5. Voilà, you are in!

PS: If you don’t own a credit card but would like to pay with PayPal instead, click on the below subscribe button. The platform I am currently using does not connect to PayPal but we can do the transaction separately and I’ll make you a custom code to get in.

ATTENTION! Only use the Paypal ‘Subscribe’ button if you don’t have a credit card and can’t get access to the Yoga Flow Library through the main portal (the sign in/log in button in the right bottom corner of the screen). I have to manually make a custom code for you to get in when using the PayPal subscribe option, so please kindly allow up to 24-48hr for me to send you the access code through e-mail. :)