4. Let's test it!

Hi my loves,

Now that you have watched through the foundations of what makes up a good & yummy-feeling wheel pose, let's test it out!

I encourage you to go back to video 2 in this module and follow along the steps. See this as a 'before' measurement. While you press into wheel and adjust your body according to the cues I give you in the video, notice what your body is telling you. Which parts still feel far from yummy? See this as a little science experiment in which you are 'collecting data' about your body.

Once you have done so, click through to 'module 2: troubleshooting'. I would suggest you watch videos 1-3 first and then click through to the video in that module that is closest related to what you were experiencing in your wheel pose. Underneath the video, you'll find a flow plan (or workout plan, but I think flow plan sounds much nicer) that is tailored to your current issues with wheel. You'll find the yoga flows in module 3.

Have fun playing scientist ;)

With love,


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