7. Compression: Wrists

Hi beautiful yogi,

Let's take a look at why your wrists might hurt in wheel pose and what we can do to fix this.

Watch the first video to understand the reason as to why you might be creating compression in your wrists and then head over to the second video for a simple modification to spare your wrists until you have developed better flexibility and strength.

Also don't forget to download the hand-out and flow plan 😉

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Watch the video below for a sneaky trick to spare your wrists until you have managed to build more flexibility and strength into them to do a regular wheel pose. 👇🏼

To start you will need 2 blocks or heavy books. Place them at an angle against a wall. Once you have got this prepped, watch the video and feel free to follow along.

Download the hand-out:
and here is your Flow Plan to help ease wrist pain in Wheel:
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